Who are Hypocrites?

Hypocrites are the people who move with the wind. Whatever situation is in their benefit, they do accordingly. As the verse mentioned below explains the chief characteristic of hypocrites. They try to deceive everyone. Even they try to deceive Allah swt by showing off their worship. In reality, whatever action they do, its just for show off. Their hidden agenda is always to serve their filthy interests. They are the best companions of satan and worst people to exist.

[004:142] The hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, but it is actually He Who dupes them. They are lethargic (and listless) when they stand for ‘salat’ (they) only (wish) to be noticed by others (and just go through the motions of ‘salat’). Little do they remember Allah!  
They are so disliked by Allah swt that He say in Quran;
[004:145] Indeed, the hypocrites shall occupy the lowest level of hell (its deepest abyss),. You will not find anyone who would (want to) be their helper. 
Lowest level of hell is the worst place of all. And due to the crooked nature of hypocrites, they are destined to reside in there. There are many characteristics or personality traits of hypocrites which are their symbols. There is a hadith which tells us four dominant personality characteristics of hypocrites.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said; there are four habits, if they are there in someone then he is a hypocrite. And if any one of them is found in some one then it is also hypocrisy until and unless he leaves it.

1: if he is bestowed with something in trust, he breeches it.
2: whenever he speaks, he tells lies.
3: he breaks his promises whenever he makes a promise
4: and when he fights, he abuses

Note that prophet Muhammad pbuh said that even if anyone of these traits are present in someone, then this also depicts hypocrisy in him. Our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh was so much trustworthy that even his biggest enemies used to admit that Muhammad pbuh could never lie or hurt any one.

Being muslims, we are to follow the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh. Because he (pbuh) is the best example for all of us to follow. In another hadith, prophet Muhammad pbuh said;

Volume 7, Book 70, Number 546:

Narrated Kab:
The Prophet said, "The example of a believer is that of a fresh tender plant, which the wind bends lt sometimes and some other time it makes it straight. And the example of a hypocrite is that of a pine tree which keeps straight till once it is uprooted suddenly. 
This hadith means that a believer is always flexible. He faces the ups and downs of life and these ups and downs purify him and bring him closer to Allah swt. But a hypocrite always serves his own interests. He always finds a way, even he betrays his family and loved ones. He becomes so rigid that nothing changes him. He does no see any opportunity for forgiveness. Hypocrites are the worst of the people. There is a very thin line between a believer and a hypocrite. Believers are not suppose to cross this line.
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