Following Islam Completely In Our Lives

Islam is the oldest of all religions. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that islam is the only true religion that has ever been preached. Rest of the religions have no true meaning and they have no basis at all. Allah swt Himself said in the Quran that He has liked islam and has chosen it as our deen. While the world call islam many things, islam is nothing but peace and love. Allah swt Himself has called islam, peace. In the following verse, Allah swt say;

[2:208] Oh you who believe! Submit to peace, the religion of islam, fully ( unreservedly) and unconditionally. Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. Indeed, he is the (professed and) manifest enemy of yours. 
Allah  swt tell us to accept islam all in all. That is, there should not be any conditions put to islam for its following. Sadly, there have been sprouted some sects within islam that like some of islam and dislike some if it. For those sects, Quran speaks the words. Previous nations changed their religion because they liked some part of their religions which benefited them but they did not like those parts of their religions which demanded submission through a relatively hard way. So they changed their religion. They twisted their religion because of their half knowledge and because of the mutual jealousy. Allah swt say in Quran;
[3:19] Indeed, the (only true) religion according to Allah is islam (submission to His will). Those who formerly received the scriptures sought to oppress one another, and ( out of mutual jealousy) disputed each other. (they did so), after (true) knowledge had already come to them. Whoever rejects the signs of Allah, will find that Allah is indeed very swift in calling to accounts. 
Following islam does not mean to follow islam in the name only. Following islam and becoming a muslim needs a lot to do. Remember, islam is not hardship. Islam is free from all the least liked ways which are making their way slowly into our society in the name of islam. Islam is very simple. It starts from full submission to Allah swt and it ends at full unconditional submission to Allah swt. In between lies the intentions. Prophet Muhammad pbuh told us that actions will be judged according to the intentions. So, a believer needs to keep his intentions right, and the rest will go in the right way. Allah swt say in Quran;
[3:85] If anyone desires (or adopts a way of life) other than Islam, it will never be accepted. In the life-to-come, he will be among the losers. 
This life is a portal to the next world. We are not free to do whatever we want in this world to expect that in the next world, we will be treated specially ( like jews). But our next world is the work of our this life. We should constantly make dua for our betterment in both worlds. Because Allah swt has all the power to turn the tables in our favor, like in the following verse Allah swt say;
[6:125] Allah unlocks and exposes to Islam the hear of the one whom He wishes to guide. (conversely) he constricts and squeezes the heart of the one whom He wishes to mislead squeezes it so hard, he feels as if he was surging up in the sky. Thus, Allah lobs filth upon those who do not believe. 
Lastly, the preaching and dawah was never limited to prophets or the pious, but it is the duty of every muslim to spread the word of islam as mentioned in the following verse.
[47: 35] so, do not become lax. Continue to call towards Islam. You will be the winner! Allah will not diminish the worth of your deeds!
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