Pakistani Man Travels For Hajj On Feet 6387 km

Every year over 2 million Muslims performs Hajj In Islamic month of Zil Hijjah. This Year's Hajj is only one day away and millions of people have already arrived in Makkah to fulfill their Islamic duty. Usually peoples goes for Hajj by Air and it takes only few hours to reach Saudi Arabia. In the old days people used to go by Sea.  But you will be surprised to know that a 37 years old Pakistani man named Kharlzada Kasrat Rai has reached Saudi Arabia on his feet from Pakistan for performing the Hajj.

Kharlzada Kasrat Rai traveled 6387 KM on his feet to reach Saudi Arabia through Iran, Iraq and Jordan. He left for Hajj from Karachi on 7th June 2013 and reached Makkah on 1st October 2013.

According to Kharlzada the purpose of this travel was to promote the message of Peace and to tell the world that Islam gives message of peace not terrorism. This is not the first time that he has done a big journey by feet but he has also done it several time within  Pakistan. He went from Lahore to Capital Islamabad that is 327 KM by feet in 14 days. He also traveled from Tribal area to Karachi. he also done many other big journeys on his feet but going to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan is his biggest one.

Kharlzada said that he was treated very well by the people of different countries through his journey and also also welcomed greatly in Saudi Arabia.

It would be interesting to see if Kharlzada Kasrat Rai also comes back to Pakistan on feet or this time he will take a flight.
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