Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson Accepts Islam?

According to various rumors spread on different social media websites, forums and blogs on Wednesday famous British Comedy Actor Rowan Atkinson who got popular for his famous character of Mr Bean has converted to Islam.

however there is no official announcement yet by the actor about his conversion to Islam so don't consider this news to be fact yet. It is only a rumor till now. so i would recommend to not pass on this news with others.

however its fact that many big celebrities has converted to Islam is the past but many a times such news about conversion of celebrities to Islam also proves out to be nothing but rumors.

We should be careful before sharing such news with others. Remember what are teachings of Islam In this matter. Islam makes It clear that we should not forward any Information without conforming If it is true or not?

few years ago news of Famous West Indies Cricketer Brian Lara conversion to Islam spread like fire on the Internet but later on it proved out to be a fake news. I also done a post on this issue that time.

May Allah SWT guide us all to share the correct Information and save us from lies and wrong path and may Allah truly guide Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) to the path of Haq. Ameen
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