Be Careful While Forwarding Islamic Quotes and Sayings

Spreading the Knowledge of Islam is a great Virtue. In fact it is responsibility of every Muslim to share the Knowledge of deen with others that he knows because Rasool Allah SAW has taught his Ummah that even if you know one word of Deen that taught it to others. For this purpose Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus can be great tools.

Many People are already using these tools to spread the Knowledge of Islam. Many people also shares Islamic Quotes and Sayings of great personalities like Hazrat Ali R.A and Hazrat Hussain R.A on these social media sites and other people forwards those Quotes and sayings. Specially we see this on big Islamic pages on Facebook.

But you may get surprised to know that many of these quotes and sayings are actually fake and without references but still people forwards them without confirming their authenticity. These sayings are attributed with names of great personalities of Islam like Hazrat Ali R.A and Hazrat Hussain R.A while in reality these quotes are self created by some people.

Today I seen a quote on a big page that was attributed to Hazrat Ali R.a that every sweet thing except honey contains poison. there was no reference given with the quote. when I done research I found out that it is actually a fake quote and has no authenticity. as this quote was shared by a big page so it also got many likes and shares. People were making comments like Subhanallah, Mashallah which made be really sick.

So we really need to be careful before forwarding any sayings and quotes that are attributed to Islamic personalities. always see the references. Islam has taught us to speak truth and if we will attribute such things to legends of Islam which they never said then think how big sins we are committing.
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