Marrying In The Month of Muharram

As the month of Muharram is coming closer I am getting many questions by people around the world related to month of Muharram specially about the Issue of getting married in the month of Muharram. Many People considers It wrong to get married In this month due to which we are seeing that many marriages are taking place now a days before the starting of Muharram and as this month will arrive we will see that trend of marriages will come down greatly.

Some people says that as Hazrat Hussain R.A was martyred in this month so we should not get married in it. Now lets see what is the Islam's point of view about it?

Islam allows to get married on any day of the year in any condition except when someone is in condition of Ihram for performing the Hajj. Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him was himself married to Hazrat Safia R.a on the 7th of Muharram. Secondly In Islam sorrow is of 3 days. So getting married in Muharram is completely allowed In Islam.

If someone presents the logic that we should not marry in Muharram because Hazrat Hussain R.a was martyred in this month then my question to that person is in which month some great Muslim personalities were not martyred? you will not find any month when some great personalities of Islam were not martyred.

We should Remember that Islam is what is told in Quran and Sunnah. we cannot do inventions by ourselves In Islam otherwise It will be considered as Biddah. We cannot forbid anyone from doing a thing which Quran and Sunnah has allowed.

The Dilemma of today's Muslim is that he is doing the things which Quran and Sunnah has not told anywhere and what Quran and Sunnah has told is not cared by anyone. 
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