Is Having a Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Halal?

In the last few decades the Impact of West has Increased massively on the east Including on the Muslim countries due to Western hold on technology and media. Every Western trend is considered as fashion and is adopted by East Including Muslims. On of these trends Is the Boyfriend Girlfriend culture. Taking a Boyfriend and Girlfriend has became common even in the Muslim youth now and they consider It a normal thing. In fact there many people makes your fun if you don't have a girlfriend.

But does our religion Islam permits having a Girlfriend or Boyfriend? the answer to this question is Simply No. Islam does not permit It. Islam gives Importance to the Institution of Marriage and forbids us from all other Haram ways of building relationships that takes us towards Zina and Moral corruption.

Today Family system is badly destroyed In the Western society and the main reason for this is relationships outside marriage. Having Boyfriends and Girlfriends takes us towards Immoral acts that badly corrupts the society.

In the name of this Boyfriend Girlfriend culture many bad boys also misuses the girls by promising them to marry but later on leaves them.

The thing is simple. If you like someone then send proposal of marriage and get married to that person. there is no place for Immoral Haram acts In Islam. Doing Marriage is a great Sunnah of beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him which all of us must follow.

Remember this verse of the Holy Quran "Women impure for men impure, and men impure for women impure and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity".
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