Arrival of Muharram and Responsibility of Scholars and Govt

Recently Muslims Celebrated Eid Al Adha In the Month of Zil Hijjah that Is last month of Islamic Calendar after which new Islamic year will start and first month of Islamic Calendar Is Muharram. This year Muharram is expected to start on 3rd November 2013.

Month of Muharram has great Significance in the Islamic history. the meaning of the word Muharram Is Forbidden. Day of Ashura comes In this month. Its a day when Prophet Musa A.S and his followers got victory against Pharaoh. Muslims throughout the world fasts on this day.

Month of Muharram is also known for the Incident of Karbala When Hazrat Hussain R.A and his family members were martyred In Karbala.

As this month has came closer the responsibility of religious scholars and Government has increased very much. there are some dirty elements who tries to create Shia Sunni hatred in days of Muharram. Government must take strict action against such elements.

there should be strict punishment for disrespecting the Sahaba R.A. Government must also Increase the security specially on sensitive locations.

right now Pakistan is going through tough time and facing massive security challenges and in days like Muharram the security challenges increases even more.
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