Labours Rights In Islam

Islam is the only religion and philosophy which does not discriminate human beings on the basis of race colour and economics.

Islam gives due respect to labours , farmers and working class. Prophet Muhammad SAW always led a simple life and never tried to lead a lavish life. he always worked hard like simple people.

Majority of the organizations which are raising slogans in favour of labour class have political motives but Islam does not support working class for political reasons. Prophet Muhammad SAW told his ummah that workers are loved by Allah swt.

A Hadith Of Rasool Allah SAW say AL Kasib Habibullah which means hard worker is friend of Allah.

Bilal, Sumayyah, Zunairah and Khabbab R.A were beloved companions of Rasool sal laho aliehi wasalam despite their poverty and these great names are source of motivation for all Muslims till the end of the world. so we should not be feared to work hard and should respect those labours who works hard.
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