22 Tips For Muslim Wives To Win Hearts of Their Husbands

Every Girl sees dream to have a good husband with whom she can live happily with love. If Women wants their husbands to treat them with love and care they should also have to behave in good way for a successful life after marriage. Following we are presenting some tips for Muslim Wives To Win Hearts of Their Husbands.

1 You should behave like a female with your husband.
2 Dress good for your husband.
3 Try to look attractive to your husband.
4 Smell Good for him.
5 When your husband comes back tired from work in evening don't share your problems with him that time.
6 Stop complaining about everything.
7 Treat your mother in law like your real mother.
8 Meet him in good when he comes home.
9 Try to keep your house clean.
10 Appreciate him like calling him good husband.
11 When he is angry keep silence.
12 Thank him for different things.
13 If your husband not likes something stop doing that.
14 Don't talk bad about your husband with other people.
15 Show your love.
16 Make Good foods.
17 Don't leave your house without his permission.
18 Give him gifts sometimes.
19 Take interest in his hobbies.
20 Your Skin should look attractive.
21 Learn to compromise on little things.
22 Give him all the rights that Islam gives to husband.

By following these 22 tips Inshallah you can live happily with your husband.
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