13 Benefits of Having Strong Iman On Allah

Iman is the greatest blessing of Allah swt and no asset can be equated of this world with this blessing of Allah. Some of the benefits of Strong belief in light of Quran are as follows:

1. Political domination on Earth (An Nur:55)

2. Supremacy on Polytheists (An Nisa:141)

3. Guardianship and Friendship of Allah swt (AL Baqarah:257)

4. Elimination of darkness and coming to light (AL Baqarah:257)

5. Guidance to Straight Path (Al Haj:54)

6. Grasping of trustworthy handhold (Al Baqarah:256)

7.Pure life (An Nahal:97)

8. Open doors of blessing from heavens and earth (Al Araf:96)

9. Great Reward from Allah swt (Al Baqarah:103)

10. Popularity among Muslims (Maryam:96)

11. Entering to paradise (Al Kahaf:107)

12. Provision of peace (Al Anam:82)

13. Removal of anxiety and depressions(Younus:62-63)

These are some of the benefits of having strong Iman on Allah SWT among many. So we should all keep strong Imaan in Allah so that we can get successful in this life as well as in hereafter.
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