Islamic Duas For Different Matters of Life

Our Beautiful religion of Islam guides us about every matter of life and tells us how to spend it rightly. There are  Duas for different daily matters of our lives proved from Sunnah. Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, Dressing there are Duas for everything that we should read before doing these works. If we will read these Duas we not only Get Barkat in the works that we are doing but will also get Ajar for it. So Following i am sharing some of the Islamic Duas.

Dua for necessities of life

Dua for waking up from sleep

Dua Of Watching Mirror

Dua For coming out of house

Dua When coming out of Bathroom

Dua For success

Dua For Journey

Dua of Forgiveness from sins

Dua When in Difficulty

Dua Before entering in Bathroom

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