Wikileaks Documents About Muslim Countries & Muslim Rulers

Wikileaks That Is a popular website for publishing secret documents about different issues has released thousands of Secret American documents on Sunday 28 November 2010 which has shocked the world and its Leaders.  Every Newspaper, TV Channel and Website is talking about these Wikileaks documents and reason for this is that these documents contains some really shocking things about world rulers and different countries.

If we talk about the credibility of these Wikileaks documents many people are calling it a conspiracy including many American analysts like Webster Tarpley while some other says these documents looks to be real. Anyway i have created this Post to show the Wikileaks documents that are related to Muslim Countries and their Rulers. Most of these Documents are against Muslim Rulers due to which many people in Muslim World has called it a plan to create disputes between Muslim Countries.  Anyway here are some of the major claims about Muslim world and Muslim rulers that are made in these Documents.

1 US and UK are concerned about the Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan and wants it to not make anymore Atom Bombs.
2 Saudi King Shah Abdullah Asked Americans to attack Iran's Nuclear Program.
3 Saudi King Shah Abdullah Thinks that President Zardari is the main hurdle in progress of Pakistan.
4 Abu Dhabi's King Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Said that Zardari Is Corrupt While Nawaz Sharif Is Dangerous.
5 Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI is Training the Afghan Taliban.
6 Iranian President Ahmadinejad Is compared with Hitler by American Officials.
7 Israeli Minister Ehud Barak said that Pakistan  is my Private Nightmare.
8 Bahrain king also wanted US to end Iranian Nuclear Program by any means.
9 Iran has taken Missiles From North Korea of Massive Range that Can hit Europe.
10 Pakistan's Army Chief Kayani thought to remove President Zardari in 2009.
11 Israel's Mossad Wanted Pervez Musharraf To Stay as President of Pakistan.
12 Israel Is providing massive weapons to India against Pakistan.

These are some of major documents that i have came acorss about the Muslims world. I will share more as i will see them.
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