Happy New Islamic Year 1432 Hijra To All Muslims

New Islamic Year 1432 Hijrah has started in many countries on Tuesday 7 December while in many countries including Pakistan it is starting tomorrow Wednesday 8 December as the moon has been sighted a day later here of new year. As We All Know that Muharram is that the first month of Islamic year that has started now after last month of Islamic year Dhil Hijja. Many Important Incidents taken Place in Islamic history in this month of Muharram while Hazrat Hussain R.A was also martyred in this month.

Muslim Follows Hijrah Calendar that is counted from the day Prophet Muhammad Saw done Hijrah from Makkah to Madina. Now 1432 Hijrah has started which means Prophet Saw done Hijrah to Madina from Makkah exactly 1432 years ago from now. I would like to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters a happy New Islamic Year. May Allah SWT bring happiness and blessings on all of you in this year.
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