I'mHalal Islamic Search Engine Has Expanded Its Services

The First Ever Islamic Search Engine On the Internet I'mHalal was launched back in the year of 2009 and now it is almost 1.5 years old. Until now this unique Islamic Search Engine was available in Mena and some Asian countries but on Monday it has announced to expand its service to more countries in which big Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Indonesia are included. These are those countries where most of Muslim population lives.

I'mHalal Team is continuously working to improve its services and tries to provide users the best search results for any search term which they enters.  till now I'mHalal has more than half million users that are growing rapidly. As it has been expanded to big Muslim countries like Pakistan and Indonesia now it will also increase its users very much. I'mHalal team is expecting half million more users after expanding services to above mentioned countries Most of I'mHalal users are Muslims who uses it to save themselves from Haram search results. If you have never visited this amazing search engine before click here to visit it now. It will save you from Haram search results and on typing any Haram search word it will also warn you.
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