Popular Islamic Pages and Groups on Facebook

Social Networking Site like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Myspace are getting very Popular all around the World and their users has entered into Billions in recent months. The most popular Social networking website online is Facebook that has 500 Millions users from all around the World which are growing everyday.

The Millions of users on Facebook are Muslims  Many of which uses it for doing Islamic Dawah to non muslims and for learning about Islam while others uses to for other activities like talking to friends, chatting and sharing information. Many people raises this question as well that is using Facebook Haram or Halal because most of things on Facebook are Haram? My Answer to this Question is that it depends on its usage. If you will use it for a Halal purpose than its Halal and if you will involve in Haram activities on it then its Haram just like using Computer or TV. Anyway i created this Post to share Popular Islamic Pages and Groups that are active on Facebook. Following i am Sharing Links of these Pages and Groups which you can also use to Know about Islam. For Posting in any Group or Page you will have to Join it.

Islamic Research Foundation, Zakir Naik
Delete Anti Islam Content From Facebook
Yusuf Islam 
Hijab Group
Islam Page
Holy Quran
Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)
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