8 Great Muslim Personalities Of Recent Times

At a time when Islam is a facing a tough time and Muslims are labelled as Extremists and Terrorists from International Media still there are some people that are doing great work to defend Islam and Muslims and spread to true message of Islam.  These Muslim Personalities are working in different fields to serve Islam. Some are Scholars of Islam while some are working to counter the Media's disinformation against Islam. Here are my 8 such favourite muslim Personalities of recent times that has served Islam and Muslims greatly.

1 Yvonne Ridley: British Journalist

2 Dr Zakir Naik: Great Scholar of Islam

3 Ahmed Deedat: Scholar and Daee of Islam

4 Zaid Hamid: Analyst

5 Dr Israr Ahmed: Scholar of Islam

6 Imran Khan: Politician

7  Tayyip Erdogan: Turkish Prime Minister

8 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iranian President
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