Islamic Cartoons For Kids

I think there is no Kid in this World that don't like to see the cartoons on TV. Every Kid is crazy about Cartoons and love to see them regularly on TV. Cartoons like Simba, Zoro, Tom and Jerry and Dexter are very popular among the Kids all around the World from Asia to West.

Islam allows us to get the Halal Entertainment and stops us from Haram. It will be even more better when this Halal Entertainment also becomes Beneficial. Keeping this idea in mind many Muslim companies have made Islamic Cartoons from whom Kids can not only get Entertainment but also learn about their religion Islam. Following i am going to share some of such Islamic Cartoons that you can show to your Kids.

Salaah Prayer 
The Tree
Thank You Mother
Story of Zamzam
Arabic Alphabet
The Neighbour
The Orphan
Fasting Importance
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