Smallest Holy Quran of The World (Photos)

Holy Quran is the Holiest Book of Muslims which was given to last and Final Prophet of God Prophet Muhammad PBUH 1400 Years ago and which also confirms the books given to old Prophets Jesus, Moses, David Peace Upon Them All. 

There are Millions of People Alive in This World that Know Every Word of The Holy Quran By Heart which in Arabic are Known as Hafiz. Copies of Holy Quran is Available in almost every Muslims Home and it is also the most read book on the earth. Different Type of Copies in different sizes keeps on coming in market. Following i got Photos of Smallest Copy of Holy Quran in the World.  It is very Small in Size but contains every verse of the Holy Quran word by word.

 So This The Smallest Holy Quran Existing On the Planet. I hope you liked these Photos. May Allah Swt help us in reading the Holy Quran regularly and following it in our daily lives.
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