List of Great Famous Muslim Sportsmen

Muslims have earned name in each and every field of that exists  in the history of the World. Muslims have Produced Great Scholars, Scientists, Thinkers, Leaders, Sportsmen in the history. You Will Pick up whichever field you will many Muslims names that worked greatly in that Particular Field.

In the past i made blog posts about great Muslim Scientists, Scholars, Footballers but today i am going to make a Blog Post on Some of the Great Muslims Sportsmen that has born in the history in different Sports. The List of Great Muslim Sportsmen is very very long but i will be sharing only my Favourite Great Muslim Famous Sportsmen. So Following are Some Great and Muslim Sportsmen that has born in the history.

Muhammad Ali: I think if you will take name of Famous and Great Muslim Sportsmen the First name that will come in your mind will be of Muhammad Ali. He was the Greatest Boxer Ever Born on Face of the earth who won every big Boxing Title.

Imran Khan: Imran Khan Was The Captain of Pakistani Cricket Team in Early 90,s. Pakistan also won World Cup Under his Captaincy. He is included in Top 5 Cricketers Ever Born on the Face of the Earth. These Days He is Taking Part in Pakistani Politics.

3 Zinedine Zidane : Zidane was the best ever French Muslim Footballer who played Key Role in French FIFA World Cup Win of 1998.  He is also one of the all times best Footballer.

4 Mike Tyson : He is a Great American Boxer who was converted to Islam at few years ago when he was in Jail. Now he is a Practicing Muslim.

5 Kareem Abdul Jabbar : Abdul Jabbar Was a great American Basket Ball Player. He has a record of doing more points in league history than any other Player.

6 Franck Ribery : Ribery is a famous French Footballer who plays as a Striker For France. He was Converted to Islam few years back and now he is s Practicing Muslim.

7 Shahid Afridi: Shahid Afridi is a very Popular Pakistani Cricketer and Present Captain of Pakistani Team as well. Afridi has Millions of Fans all around the world who calls him as Boom Boom Because he plays very fast.

So these are 7 Famous and Great Muslim Sportsmen who are my Favourites as well. May Allah SWT give them more success in their lives and make them Practical Muslims.
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