Americans Views on Holy Quran Burning Issue

Holy Quran is the Holiest Book For Muslims Whom Muslims Believes to be sent by God and it also makes an article to believe in Holy Books given to other Prophets Like Jesus and Moses. Holy Quran also Gives Great Respect to Jesus Christ PBUH and his Mother Marry.

There is a Complete Chapter in Holy Quran About the Mother of Jesus Marry. Today Holy Quran is Available in every Muslims House and it is also the most read book on the Earth. After 9/11 2001 Holy Quran Became the Best Seller Book in the World.  Few days ago an Shocking News Came on Media that an Church Pastor From American is Planning to Burn the Holy Quran on 11 September 2010 as a protest.  This Pastor Claims to be a True Believer of Jesus Christ PBUH but he don,t know how much respect same Holy Quran gives to Jesus whom he wants to burn. 

People From all around the World Muslims and Non Muslims are Condemning this Plan of the Pastor and they have said that this must not happen. If his Incident Takes Place it will increase Hatred Between Humanity and will also help Extremist to Increase.  Following I am going to share Views of Some Americans on this issue taken from Twitter.

1  Islam doesn't mean terrorism, but burning the quran without reason, is the biggest terrorism and abuse!
2  Dear Americans, you need to burn Calories, not Quran.
3  Burning the Quran? Why? The world is quite aware of what we are AGAINST. What they need to know is what we are FOR.
4 Dear Crazy Pastor Who Wants To Burn The Quran, What page is this idea on in the bible? With blessings, Sane People.
5 You Hate us ..We Love U that's what Quran  teach us.
6 Dear Quran Burners: U R Only hurting yourselves. Jesus (PBUH) Name is mentioned more times than Mohammad (S) in the Holy Quran.
7 Burning the quran is so unrespectful. its stupid ! it makes me so  mad.
8 This quran burning is a sign the world is goina end.
9  I live in muslim's country,I have many friends are muslims,I love them so much and i'll never accept burned the Quran.
10 Burning the Quran on the anniversary 9-11 accomplishes nothing. It sends same message of hate and ignorance we saw that day.
11 Burn Quran? Hey you need to burn your dirty mind first!!
12 What will burning the Quran prove to this ignorant pastor? There are to many Bigots is the world. Yes ignorance is bliss!
13 I don't know anything 'bout Quran but the idea to burn it is a very bad, Dear church in U.S please don't do this, we must show tolerance.
14 Why is the Mainstream Media Giving ‘Pastor’ Terry Jones So Much Exposure to Burn the Quran?
15 Angelina Jolie Condemns Plan of Quran Burning by Church.
16 Burn a Quran Day is not exercising your freedom, its discrimination and abusing the faith of a major religion.

So These where Comments of Some Americans about Holy Quran Burning Issue. Most of the Americans has Condemned this Plan which is good thing. May Allah Swt give Hidaya to those that are doing such dirty acts and spreading Hatred in Humanity.
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