Importance of Following Sunnah in Islam

Sunnah Is an Arabic Word and Its Meaning is Following the Way Told and Followed by beloved Prophet Muhmmad Saw In Every Field of Life From Praying To Eating and From Sleeping To Burying the Died Person. Prophet Muhammad PBUH Is The Best Human Ever Born on this Earth so Prophet Muhammad Saw is the best Role Model For Every Human being That Lives on This Earth. From Practical Life and Hadiths of Prophet Saw we can get Information For Every Field of Life that all of us should Practically Implement in Our Lives to get success not only in this Life but also in Hereafter.

Allah Swt Says in the Holy Quran in Al-Ahzab 33:21 that Prophet Muhammad Saw is excellent model for Humans.  Another Verse of Holy Quran Says that Muhammad Saw is sent as a Mercy For Whole Mankind. Same way Hadiths also Tells us the Importance to Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Saw. An Hadith of Sahih Bhukari says whoever will follow Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Saw will never go astray.  For Example If We Are Praying We Should Pray Like Our Prophet Saw Prayed, If we are Eating We Should Eat Like Our Prophet Saw, We Should Treat other With Mercy Like Our Prophet Saw Did. If we will only Follow The Sunnah most of the problems of our Lives will solve by this and the Success we will get in Hereafter is Separate Benefit. 

We Should also Remember that Sunnah is More Important than saying of any Scholar, Maulana, Mufti or Imam. If Saying of any of these people Contradicts with Sunnah of Prophet Saw we should not follow it and if it Matches with the Sunnah there is no problem in following it. Unfortunately Today Most of the Muslims Gives Importance to what their Imam or Movli Says instead of Watching What is the Sunnah Way of our Beloved Prophet Saw is? By doing this we not only go away from Islam but many problems also comes in lives. This is also the reason Muslims are facing So much Difficulties today in the World. So We should Ourselves Read Holy Quran and Hadiths of Prophet Saw and do What Our Prophet Saw did. May Allah Swt help us all in following the Sunnah of Prophet Saw.
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