Download Islamic Mobile Applications

It is the World of Technology when every person is having his personal  Mobile Phone and Laptop. Today Mobile Phone is not just used for talking to others or sending messages but it contains many other features as well. You Can Run any type of Applications on Your Phone now. In Last Few Years Thousands of Amazing Islamic Mobile Applications have also came into existence like of Reading Complete Quran, Hadiths Applications, Adhan Applications.

Now you can store the complete Holy Quran and All Thr Hadiths In Your Phones and they will take only Space of Few MB. I am not saying that we should not read Quran and Hadiths from Books but what i mean is that These Applications has made it very easy for us to Read Quran and Hadiths.  You Simply need to Download the Applications on Your Phone and it will install in few seconds after which you can use them. Following i am going to share some amazing Islamic Mobile Applications that you can download for free.

Holy Quran With Urdu Translation
Holy Quran With Indonesian Translation
Tiny Quran Application
Sala Mobile Application
Auqat-Us-Salat Application
Allah's Names Application
Adhan Times Application
Sahih Bukhari Application
Qibla Compass Application
Prayer Times Application
Telawa Islamic Application

So these are some amazing free Islamic Mobile Application that i wanted to share with you. You can download them and use on your Cell Phones.
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