Islam's Teachings Are For Whole Mankind: Shahid Kapoor

Famous Actor of Bollywood Film Industry Shahid Kapoor has said that said The Teaching of Islam are for whole Mankind and it is a religion which has no hidden Secrets.  Shahid Kapoor said in Interview With Indian News Channel that All the Principals and the basic tenets of Islam are told in Holy Quran Clearly.

He said that it is not Necessary to Understand the Arabic to Know about Islam but you can Understand all Teaching of Islam and Quran In Any Language of the World.  Shahid Kapoor said i myself has taken help of English Language to Understand the Islam completely. He said when i was not able to Understand the Arabic in my childhood i read the Holy Quran myself in English So you take help of any Language to Understand the Islam and Quran.

Shahid Kapoor also told in Interview that i have read the Complete Holy Quran in English and i know some Short Surahs and Verses by Heart. Shahid said i am a typical type of Muslim who has a very strong Faith in Allah and who tries to follow the teachings of Islam. Shahid said Holy Quran is a Complete Book which teaches that Every Human is equal whether he is Black, White, Arab or Non Arab? and Only That Human is above who do good deeds.  While Talking About Ramadan Shahid Kapoor said i have Kept all my Ramadan Fast and till now i have not missed any Fast. This Was the Short Interview of Shahid Kapoor i wanted to Share With You. May Allah Swt give Shahid and all other Actors Hidaya so that they Completely Follow the Teachings of Islam.
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