What To Do In Difficult Times?

We are human beings and In our lives all of us sees ups and downs. In fact Life is name of Ups and Downs. Life never remains the same for a person. It keeps on changing. It takes our test time to time. Sometimes there is comfort and things are easy. Other times there are difficulties and this is how life goes on till our death.

Difficult Times

People often face problems like Health issues, Financial loss, death of dear ones etc. Due to these problems many people gets broken from inside. some forgets the importance of life and other don't want to live and wishes to end their lives. Last one year was also really tough for me I faced health as well as financial issues.

So how we should respond when we face difficulties In light of Islam?

1 It is normal to have a emotional response when we face a difficulty but main thing is to not let those emotions take over you and break you from inside. Instead you should be able to face that difficulty with courage, patience and not giving up.

2 When you are facing a difficulty become regular in your prayer 5 times a day. It will give you lots of peace inside and power to face the difficulty.

3 Recite Holy Quran and also read the translation if you don't know Arabic.

4 Make Dua regularly and ask for Allah's help.

5 Make yourself realize that you can't change what has happened in past. thinking about that will only give you sorrow so plan for what's ahead.

6 Waking up early In the morning Is also very good. Wake up offer Fajr Salah and read Holy Quran. then go for the morning walk.

7 Remember that this hard time will not stay forever it has to go one day so keep patience.

8 Remember this life is a test for hereafter. This life is not permanent. If you are facing difficulties that you will get great reward for it in the hereafter.

9 Keep on sitting and worrying will not change the things. Things will only change when you will try to change to them. So take action instead of just keep worrying.

10 Remember this verse of Holy Quran which says"seek help through patience and prayer. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient."

So these are some steps that you should take when you are in difficulty. Surely Allah SWT will help you and reward you.
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