Interesting Islamic Facts

Islam is religion of Haq which every Prophet spread during his time. There are many facts about Islam which will surprise you. In this post I am going to share some of these Islamic facts which you may have not known before.

So Here we go:

Islam Is fastest growing religion of the world Including In United States and Europe. thousands of people are converting to Islam in US and Western countries despite all the propaganda.

The meaning of Word Islam is Peace. It comes from the arabic root  word slum.

Muslims, Christian and Jews believes In same  God. however their beliefs are different.

Jesus Is a great Prophet of Islam and you can't be a Muslim without believing In him.

there Is a complete chapter with name of Mary (Mother of Jesus) In Quran.

Islam was not spread by sword. many people do propaganda that Islam spread with sword. If this is true then i have a question for such people that which army went to Indonesia and Malaysia which has most Muslims? why Islam is fastest growing religion today? who is forcing Americans to convert to Islam.

Quran says whoever kills one Innocent human It is like he has killed the whole of humanity.

The meaning of Word Jihad is not holy war. Jihad means to struggle.

66% of the people who accepted Islam in recent years are women.

Hajj is the biggest gathering of Humans anywhere in the world.

Not a single word of Quran is changed. Quran has no different versions. It is because Allah himself promised in Quran that I will protect this book.

Millions of people have memorized Quran.

Muslim believes In Only One God who has no Image or Statue.

Suicide Is forbidden In Islam and Suicide bombing to kill Innocent people is Haram (forbidden) In Islam.

In few decades Islam is expected to become World's largest religion.

Forced Marriages are forbidden In Islam. a marriage cannot take place till Boy and girl are ready for it.

There are almost 1000 Scientific facts in Quran. to know details of these facts watch Quran and Science Lecture by Dr Zakir Naik.

Many people thinks that most of Muslims are Arab while in actual more Muslims are Non-Arabs. Only 20% Muslims are Arabs.

In the past centuries Muslims played massive role in scientific progress. Geber, Avicenna, Ibn al-Haytham, Al-Jazari etc played major role in scientific progress.

Kaaba Is In center of the world.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was not the founder of Islam but he was the last Prophet of Islam.

So these were some of the Facts about Islam that I wanted to share with you people. I hope you enjoyed reading them.
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