How To Make Your Muslim Kid Speak Good Language

We are living In an era where little kids are losing their innocence very quickly due to impact of media and society. This thing even more increases the importance of looking after our kids and keeping an on what they are seeing, doing and desiring. Lots of Kids develop habit of foul language and parents comes to know about it when kid already starts using bad language. Parents are involved in their own busy lives. they are not able to give enough time to kids.

muslim kid

So How we can stop Our Kid from Using Foul Language and if this habit has already developed in him then how we can end it?

1 First you need to find out that from where your Kid has learnt the bad language? Is it TV, any family member, Internet or any other source? after finding the source you need to end that source. Kids starts saying what they hears from others again and again. If you will speak foul language in front of them they will also learnt it.

2 Give Proper Time to your Kid. Our Kids needs out time. they need to be looked after and cared. when we will make them our friends then they will share their every problem with us.

3 Tell your Kid with love that using foul language is wrong. Taught him Hadith which forbids from speaking bad from tongue. also till him that people will not like him if he spoken such language.

4 When your Kid is speaking something good then do appreciate him it will boost his confidence and make him speak more good things. 

5 don't try to be harsh on your kids and also never use foul words for them even if they do something wrong. 

6 Remember Kids learns what they see around. they learn from their parents, their family and environment that they get around. so try to become a good example for them. Use good language with your family members. when you will do it your kid will do it too.

Try these seven methods and I am sure that your Kid will start to speak good language Inshallah.
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