Peace TV Live Streaming

Peace TV Live Streaming - There are plenty of Islamic TV Channels around such as Q TV, Huda TV, Madni Channel but sadly most of these TV channels are either not fully Islamic or they represent one specific sect or they are in local languages and not shows program that are useful for whole Muslim Ummah. But the good news is that there is at least one Islamic TV Channel that is useful for the whole Muslim Ummah and that is Peace TV.

Peace TV Live

In Total Peace Network has three TV channels right now In English, Urdu and Bangla. You can see programs on doing Dawah to Non Muslims as well about general knowledge of Islam On Peace TV Live.

Islamic Research Foundation Head Dr Zakir Naik is the man behind Peace TV who has tried his best to provide a quality Islamic TV channels to the Muslims. You can watch lectures of Dr Zakir Naik, Yusuf Estes, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Abdur Rahim Green, Dr Israr Ahmed, Maulana Ijaz Aslam and other great scholars of Islam.

Another good news is It is a Non profit Islamic Channel which means no Ads comes on it. You will only see the Islamic content 24/7 without any Haram content that usually appears on other Channels.

Here you can watch Peace TV Live Streaming

this nonprofit satellite television is making Muslims aware about their religion and also teaching them how to respond to media propaganda and allegations against Islam. currently It is showing telecast in more than 150 countries but with help of Internet stream that I shared above you can watch it anywhere in the world. the channel started its transmission first in January 2006 and later on it was launched in more languages. Today It is the most popular Islamic channel on planet.

Following Scholars appears mostly on Peace TV:

Zakir Naik
Mohammed Naik
Ather Khan
Nisar Nadiadwala
Hussein Ye
Israr Ahmed
Jafar Idris
Salem Al Amry
Shuaib Sayyed
Sheikh Noor
Yusuf Estes
Yasir Qadhi
Yassir Fazaga
Ammar Amonette
Abdullah Hakim Quick
Bilal Philips
Jamal Badawi
Said Rageah
Ahmed Deedat
Abdul Karim Parekh
Sanaullah Madani
Shamim Fauzi
Abdul Basit Madani

among these scholars I enjoy lectures of Dr Zakir Naik, Dr Israr Ahmed R.A and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat R.A the most. they are my ideals and i have learnt a great knowledge of deen from them.

So to boost your Knowledge of Deen and to learn doing Dawah watch Peace TV Live.
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