My Favourite Islamic Ringtones

We love using nice Ringtones on Our Mobile Phones which are really lovely to listen. But Isn't It would be nice If we use those Ringtones on phoned which are not only lovely to listen but we will also earn Sawab for It. yes I am talking about Islamic Ringtones.

There are many awesome Islamic Ringtones that you can use on your Mobile Phones. I am going to share some of my most favorite ones here:

Oh God Forgive Me By Ahmed Bukhatir
Ya Zawjati By Ahmed Bukhatir
Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua (Urdu)
Muhammad Is And Always Will Be by Zain Bhikha
Al Inaam Ramzan by Arsalan Bakht
Pillars of Islam by Rashid Bhikha
Zamilooni by Zain Bhikha
Ya Taiba
Give Thanks To Allah by Zain Bhikha
My Mum is Amazing by Zain Bhikha
Allah Knows by Zain Bhikha and Dawud Wharnsby
Azan By Yusuf Islam
Talaal Badru Alayna
Your Mother
I am a Muslim
A Is For Allah
Names of Allah By Yusuf Islam
Call To Prayer By Yusuf Islam
Fartaqi by Ahmed Bukhatir
Kitabullah By Ahmed Bukhatir
Last Breath
Ya Adheem
Mountains of Makkah

So Download and enjoy these Islamic Ringtones.
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