Ramadan Moon Sighted In Saudi, UAE In Pakistan 1st Ramadan on Friday

So finally the wait for holy blessed month of Ramadan Kareem is over as the moon of Ramadan is sighted in several countries Including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates which means 1st Ramadan will be on Thursday 18th June in these countries. while In Pakistan and India moon was not sighted so 1st Ramadan in these countries will be from the Friday.

so 1st Tarahweeh will be offered tonight in Masjid Al Haram and Masjid Al Nabawi two holiest Islamic places on earth. preparations for this holy month are complete and now Muslim Ummah throughout the world will fast for 30 days. they will pray, read Quran, donate and do as much good deeds as possible.

this month is a chance to change ourselves. Its a chance to bring ourselves closer to Allah by start doing good deeds and stop doing Haram deeds. this months also teachers us that water and food are great blessings of Allah SWT which we must not take for granted. it also teaches us about the pain of poor which they face when they don't have anything to eat.

so lets bring a positive change in ourselves this Ramadan and also invite others towards the path of haq.

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