20 Hadiths to teach your Kid at age of 5

Dear Brothers and sisters few months ago I shared Hadiths that you should teach you Kid at age of 3 and 4 and today I am going to Share some Hadiths that you must teach your Kid when he/she reaches age of 5. It will help you in keeping your Kid on the Islamic path from small age and he will be following the Islamic guidelines in the future if you will guide him/her from smaller age. Following are these Hadiths to teach your Kid at age of 5.

1 Islamic Pillars are five 1 giving Shahdah that there is no God but Allah 2 Muhammad SAW is Prophet of Allah, Offering Salaah, Giving Zakat, Doing Hajj and fasting in Month of Ramadan.

2 Do Dua when you drink or Eat.

3 When anyone of you forget saying Bismillah at start of eating then he must read Bismillahi Awalu wa Akhriu.

4 Use Left hand while doing Taharat.

5 Don,t enter in anyone's house without permission and if you not get the permission go back.

6 Don't drink water while standing but drink it after sitting.

7 Don,t threat your Muslim brother.

8 By giving Charity your Wealth don't reduce and by forgiving others Allah increases your Respect.

9 If a sin is done by you do Virtue because Virtue removes sins.

10 Allah hates those who speak bad.

11 When you wear something or do Wadu start from right side.

12 Allah likes that person who thanks Allah after eating and drinking.

13 if you want to become Lover of Allah and Prophet Saw recite Quran Kareem.

14 Truth brings you towards Virtue and Virtue brings you towards Heaven.

15 Save yourself from Lying because lie brings you towards wrong path and wrong path brings you towards hell.

16 No one can become Momin until he likes the same for his brother what he likes for himself.

17 Don't take Gift back after giving.

18 If someone starts talking without saying Salam don,t reply him.

19 One Who hides others secrets Allah will hide his secrets on day of Judgment.

20 Accept Dawat of others, don't reject others gifts and don't beat your Muslims brothers

I hope that these Hadiths will help your Kids in learning the Islam well. May Allah Swt help us in taking care of our Kids according to guidelines of Islam.
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