Common Errors Made in Ramadan Month

In the month of Ramadan Kareem many people makes several errors against the Sunnah way told by Prophet Muhammad SAW. to avoid them we first need to know about them. If we will not know what mistakes we are making how we will avoid them.

so here are some of the common Ramadan Errors made by some people:

1 Keeping Fast without doing Niyyah (Intention): Niyyah is not done by tongue but by heart. the dua which some people read to keep fast is not authentic. we must do Niyyah with heart.

2 delaying the Iftar by several minutes: once its time of Iftar we should not delay it. try to open the fast with date because its Sunnah.

3 Giving big Iftar parties for just show off:  we know doind Show Off (Riya) is haram in Islam. giving expensive Iftar parties for this purpose is forbidden.

4 Wasting food In Iftar: people often make lots of food in Iftar and after they end their hunger there is still food left that is wasted. so don't try to make too much food for Iftar.

5 Missing Tarawih: although offering Tarawih is not fard so many people misses it. we should not forget the great reward in offering it.

6 Sleeping all the day after keeping fast: many people stay awaken all night then they sleep all day after keeping the fast missing all their prayers.

7 doing Haram things for passing the time of fast: many people passes time of fast by Involving  themselves in haram activities like listening music and watching movies.

8 no stopping doing sins: there is no use of stopping yourself from eating and drinking if you don't stop yourself from speaking and listening bad things and avoiding sins.

9 Missing Maghrib Salah while eating: Many people misses their Maghrib prayer because they continue to eat in Iftar. we should eat a little and then Maghrib and then we can eat again after prayer.
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