Short Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Today I am going to share a short Biography of the greatest human ever came to this world Prophet Muhammad Peace Be upon. in the Biography i will be sharing information regarding life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw. I will be writing it in a different style and I hope you will like it. Prophet Muhammad Saw was born on Monday 12 Rabi ul Awal, 22 April, 571 AC in City of Makkah which is in Saudi Arabia.

The name of his father was Abdullah while his mother name was Aminah. The Name of Prophet Saw was kept Muhammad by his Grandfather Abdul Muttalib while his mother gave him name of Ahmad. Parents of Prophet Saw were died early and then he was looked after by his Grandfather Abdul Muttalib and after his death Uncle Abu Talib. Prophet Saw went to Syria with his uncle at age of 12.

Prophet Saw married at age of 25 with Hazrat Khadijah r.a who was really impressed by truthfulness and good conduct of Prophet Saw. In Makkah Prophet Muhammad Saw was known as trustworthy and truthful. First revelation of Allah came at age of 40 to Prophet Muhammad Saw in the Cave of Hira on 21st of Ramadan at night. after giving dawah of Islam to people of Arabia who were Idol worshipers Prophet SAW faced torture boycott and many other problems but he continued his mission.

His SAW name is mentioned Four times in the Quran. In New Testament he was mentioned as Paraclete. The biggest miracle of Prophet Saw was Quran. Prophet Saw performed many other miracles as well. He migrated from Makkah to Madina in 622CE.  Prophet Saw died at age of 63.  I have mentioned very few things in this Biography so we cannot call it a compete Biography but whatever I have mentioned I hope will be useful for you. May Allah Swt help us in following the guidelines of our beloved Prophet Saw.
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