Freedom of Speech, Terrorism and Islamophobia

after the attack on French Magazine last week we are hearing a lot about Freedom of speech, Terrorism and Homophobia. So I also decided to share my view point on this Issue. First of all I would like to write about freedom of expression and speech.

Can we Insult, mock anyone in name of Freedom of speech? how we can hurt feelings of billions of people keeping in mind that religion is a very sensitive issue specially for Muslims. Muslims see religion very differently from how West looks at it. For Muslims God and his Holy Prophet SAW are most Important even more Important than their lives so how they can accept their Insult silently?

suppose you are walking on a road with your mother and a hooligan starts abusing your mother. will you not react and try to stop him? or you will tell him you have freedom of expression so you can abuse your mother.  this is why Freedom of expression and speech should come with responsibility.

Now I will discuss the Issue of terrorism. should we take law in our hand if someone disrespects they Holy Prophet SAW and  kill them? I don't think so. Instead we should take help of the law. In french attack even those people got killed who has nothing to do with blasphemous cartoons Including a Muslim Police officer. Islam strictly prohibits killing any Innocent human being.

Islamophobia is also on the rise as many haters of Islam and using TV and social media to spread hatred against Muslims. some people are even demanding that all Billions of Muslims should apologize for what 3 people done in France. these Islam haters also  trended the Killallmuslims hashtag on Twitter. Muslims living in West are also facing tough time as many Mosques and Women got attacked. 
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