8 Things Which Reduces Faith (Imaan)

Having strong Faith (Imaan) is a very Important part of Islam. without faith our deeds are useless. the faith of person keeps increasing decreasing depending upon his activities. Lets have a look at some of the thing which may reduce your Imaan:

Not Offering Salah: If you do not offer Salah then it effect your Imaan. Offering Salah gives our soul and faith a new power. So we should try to offer Salah regularly and it should be offered with full concentration without any hurry.

Doing any type of sins: doing sins of any type also directly effect your Emaan. no matter its lying, backbiting or jealousy.

Not doing Zikr of Allah: doing Zikr of Allah SWT regularly boosts up our Imaan and not doing it certainly reduces it.

Not giving Importance to Sunnah: Giving Importance to sunnah acts is really Important. you should love each sunnah and try to follow it.

Becoming too much materialistic: when you became materialistic then you start giving more Importance to wealth and not your Imaan. your Imaan should be your first preference over wealth.

Not feeling pain of others: those who don't feel pain of others and try to help them in their hard times their Imaan also starts to fall.

Not Reciting the Quran: If you have stopped reciting the Quran and read it with understanding then it will also cause danger to your Imaan.

Bad company: Sitting with bad people who don't follow Allah SWT and his Messenger SAW will also make your Emaan to reduce. your company should be good.
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