Can We Abuse a Person After his Death?

Saudi King Shah Abdullah passed away on Friday Morning at age of 91 after which his brother Sulman became the new King of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most Important Muslim country having huge Influence on Muslims world which makes Saudi King a really Important person.

this is the biggest news of today and also getting discussed on the social media by the Muslims around the world. I am seeing two types of views by the Muslim world on his death. 1st type of people who are sad on his death and praying for him while second type of people who hate him. they are abusing him and celebrating his death.

lets keep this thing aside if King Abdullah was a good man or not and see what our religion guides us? can we curse a person after his death no matter he was good or bad?
Narrated 'Ayesha R.a The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, "Don't abuse the dead, because they have reached the result of what they forwarded."
In light of this hadith we cannot abuse or curse a person who has passed away. leave his matter on Allah SWT who is the best judge.

Now I would like to share views of famous scholar Sheikh Yasir Qadhi on this issue:

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