15 Islamic Tips for Marriage

the purpose of marriage is not just pleasure but it also protects the institution of family and grows the number of believers. Its Important to struggle for success of your marriage and make it a happy one specially in today's time when divorce is more common than ever.

Let me share some Islamic Tips for Marriage that will surely help you:

1 try to understand the nature of your husband/wife. notice what makes your partner happy and what makes him angry.

2 don't hide anything from each other. if your partner came to know about it from some other way then it will not be good for your relationship.

3 Remember trust is very Important for a healthy marriage. Trust each other and never break trust of each other.

4 Remember that no human being is perfect. your partner may have some flaws and so do you. learn to live with those flaws.

5 express your feelings with each other. show your love with your words and acts.

6 try to keep yourself neat and clear and use fragrance.

7 when you are having some dispute with your spouse don't disrespect them.

8 Exchanging gifts Increases love so try to exchange gifts often.

9 Keep your tongue and anger in control.

10 don't discuss problems between you with other people.

11 flirt with each other often.

12 help your spouse in house works.

13 celebrate with your spouse. go out together for enjoyment.

14 tell your spouse before allowing someone into your house.

15 respect the parents of your spouse.
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