Some Common Things Many Muslims Asks Are Halal Or Haram in Islam

Today i am going to write a blog post about Some Common Question About Some Important things that are asked  often by Muslims to Scholars that whether they are Haram or Halal according to Guidelines of Islam?  So i decided to Share Answers of all these Questions in one Blog Posts. I am myself not a Scholar of Islam so i have collected these Answers after taking Views of different Good Scholars on these Issues. So Here are these commonly asked Questions and their Answers.

1 Is Job In a Interest Based Bank Halal or Haram in Islam?
The Answer is its Haram Because Such Banks Mainly deal in Interest that is Haram in Islam. Their Source of Income is also Interest.
2 Is Investing In Shares Halal or Haram?
Investing In Shares Is Halal according to Guidelines of Islam.
3 Can I Get a Car or House on Lease?
Lease is second name of Interest. When you will get a Car or House on Lease you will pay more amount than  the real amount of that Car or House which is Interest so taking things on Lease is Haram according to Islam.
4 Listening To Music is Haram or Halal?
In Light of Quran and Sunnah all Main Muslim Scholar Agrees that Music Haram. A few so called moderate Scholars tries to declare it Halal but If we read Hadiths of Prophet SAW about Music then we will have to agree that Music is Haram.
5 Doing Dua From Someone other Than Allah SWT?
Doing Dua From Someone other Than Allah SWT is Completely Haram and Shirk whether you as doing Dua from any Prophet or Wali. Waseela of any Prophet or Wali is also not allowed in Dua.
6 Does Three Divorces Takes Place At One time?
If we see in Light of Quran and Sunnah three Divorces don't take place at same time. At One time only one Divorce takes place even if you say Divorce Divorce Divorce hundred times. Also remember that Prophet SAW has declared Halala Haram.
7 Is Taweez and Dum Allowed In Islam?
If we see Sunnah of Prophet SAW Taweez is not allowed while doing Dum is Sunnah of our beloved Prophet SAW.
8 Is Buying Prize Bonds Allowed?
Prize Bonds Are Haram According to Scholars.
9  Is Usage of Internet and TV Haram or Halal.
It Depends on the Usage. If you use Internet and TV for Good purposes than its Halal and if you use it for bad purposes than its Haram.
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