Muslim Population In The World In 1990 and In 2030

The Left Side Graph Represents the Muslims Population in the World two decades ago in 1990 while the Graph on right  represents the Muslims population that will be after two decades from now in 2030 in the World.  In 1990 there where one billion Muslims in the World that where 19.9% of the total World Population. Today in 2011 Muslim population in the World is more than 1.5 Billion that equals to almost 23% World Population.  In 2030 Muslim Population will be more than 2 Billion that will be 26.4% of total world Population.

Muslim Population is growing rapidly all over the World and on other hand Islam is also fastest growing religion as thousands of Christians, Hindus, Jews are accepting Islam every month. Today Indonesia has the largest Muslim population which will soon be overtaken by Pakistan whose Population is growing very rapidly.  Interesting thing is that Islam is also growing rapidly in Western Countries because most of  people living  there uses birth control while most of Muslims in West don't do so. More and More Westerners are also accepting Islam.  In few decades Islam will become the biggest religion of the World leaving Christianity behind.
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