Islam and Muslims Facing a Hard Time

A New decade has started few weeks ago and the past decade from 2001 to 2010 is history now. The Last decade proved out to be a tough one for Muslim Ummah and one of the major reason for this was 9/11. After 9/11 Muslim became the target of West. Many Muslims Countries where attacked which resulted in Killings of Millions of Muslims, Media Started targeting Islam and Muslims and Islamophobia was also increased in Western countries which created problems for Muslims Living in these Countries. Some of the Major Challenges that Muslims Faced in last decade and are even facing now are following.

Muslims Countries Occupied: Today Every Occupied Land of the World Is of Muslims. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir all of these Occupied Lands are of Muslims. Millions of Muslims in these Countries are killed by Occupying Forces. Iraq and Afghanistan where attacked after 9/11 while Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya are under Occupation from many decades.

Media War: After 9/11 a massive Media war was also launched against Islam and Muslims. International Media started showing Muslims as Terrorist and Extremists and also targeted religion of Islam. This is even continuing today.  Muslims which themselves are biggest Victims of Terrorism are shown as Terrorists.

Islamophobia: In last decade Islamophobia has also grown very much In US other Western Countries. Muslims living in these Countries are facing lot of difficulties due to it.  In recent we also seen Westerners tried different ways to hurt Muslims like Making Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Making Shoes under which Name of Allah SWT was written, Making Fun of Islam on Internet in different ways.

Islam and Muslims are indeed facing a hard time today. To face this hard time we Muslims need to be united and Work with Patience to overcome this Difficulty. We are need to come up in Media to answer the Propaganda against Islam.
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