In Which Countries Words Islam, Quran, Hijab Are Searched Most Online

Different Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo are used to search different Keywords terms to get information about them. Search Engine in Seconds provides you thousands of results after entering any Keywords about which you are wanting to get information. Different Islamic terms like Islam, Quran, Allah, Muhammad SAW, Hijab, Jihad, Ramadan are also searched millions of times everyday in every country of the World. Following i have collected some Interesting information that which Islamic term is Searched the most in which Country of the World? Following i am sharing these Islamic Terms and Countries where they are searched most.

Islam = 1  Indonesia, 2  Malaysia, 3   Pakistan.
Quran = 1 Pakistan,  2 Morocco,  3 UAE
Allah =  1 Pakistan,  2  Indonesia,  3  Malaysia
Muhammad = 1 Pakistan, 2 Indonesia,  3 Malaysia
Hijab = 1 Morocco,  2 Algeria,  3 Tunisia
Jihad = 1 Indonesia,  2 Pakistan,  3 Morocco
Ramadan = 1 Morocco,  2 UAE,  3 Tunisia
Hajj = 1 Pakistan, 2 Lebanon, 3 UAE
Makkah = 1  Pakistan, 2 Saudi Arabia, 3 Qatar
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