Special Report on Sacredness of the Zamzam Holy Water

Zamzam Also Known As Holy Water Is a Well Located in Masjid Al Haram Near Kaabah In Makkah City.  Masjid Al Haram Is the Holiest Place For All the Muslims in The World. The Water That Comes out of Zamzam Well is Called Zamzam. Muslims Considers this Water as very Sacred. According to Islamic Belief this Well was created Miraculously By Allah Swt.

This Zamzam Well was came into Existence Several Thousands Years ago when Prophet Abraham A.s son Ishmael was feeling thirsty and drank water from this Well.  From That Day Water has never stopped Coming from this Well. Millions of Muslims that Comes on Hajj Every Year Drinks this Zamzam Water and takes it with them to their Homes.  Following Is a Report on Sacredness of the Zamzam Holy Water By CNN News Channel.

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