Islamic Applications For Your Blackberry and iPhone

Smartphone are getting very popular these days and more and more peoples are buying smartphones now instead of Simple Mobile Phones.  In Muslim World as well Smartphones of Blackberry, iPhone and Android are getting very popular and people are going more towards theses Smartphones instead of Nokia.  These Smartphones companies keeps on bringing more and more Applications according to likeness and need of their users.

So Blackberry, iPhone and Android has also created many Islamic Apps for its Muslims Users. these Islamic Apps are very informative and useful for different Islamic purposes. You can download these Islamic Apps for your Smartphone easily and can use it on your Phone. following i am sharing some of these Islamic Apps for different Smartphones which you can download for free.

Islamic Apps For Blackberry Phones
Allah's Names
Azan Times
Quran Recitation

Islamic Apps For iPhone Phones
Holy Quran
Mosques App
Al Quran
iHadith App
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