All Lectures of Zakir Naik From Urdu Islamic Peace Conference 2010

Islamic Peace Conference 2010 Recently taken Place in Indian City Mumbai For 10 Days From 22 October to 1st November 2010 Recently. This Peace Conference Takes Place Every Year For 10 Days Regularly From Few Years.  This Islamic Conference was held by Islamic Research Foundation Under Popular Islamic Scholar Dr Zakir Naik.

The Conference Was Held in Urdu and Hindi Language so that Maximum people can listen it as Urdu and Hindu are Main Languages Spoken in India. Different Islamic Scholars Including Dr Zakir Naik Delivered Lectures on Different Islamic Topics in the Conference.  Hundreds of Non Muslims Also Accepted Islam after Knowing About the Islam. The Special Thing About the Conference was that the Imam Kaabah Sheikh Shuraim was also present in the Conference.  Following i have Brought All the Lectures of Dr Zakir Naik that he delivered during this Conference on different Islamic and Comparative Religion Topics. You Can Watch This Lecture From Below.

Jihad aur Dahshatgardi:Islam ke Pasemanzar me
Ask Dr. Zakir Naik An Open Question & Answer Session
Islam ke Mutaliq Ghalat Fehmiyan
Aalami Bhaichara
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