Hajj on 15 Eid Al Adha on 16 in Arab Countries on 17 in Pakistan

By Grace of Allah Swt we have entered into Islamic Month of Dhu Al Hijja on Sunday 7th November 2010.  It Means That Hajj Will Be Taking Place on 9th f Dhu Al Hijja and in English Date on 15th November While Eid Al Adha Will be celebrated on 10th f Dhu Al Hijja and in English Date on 16th November in Arab Countries Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan etc.

Official announcement about it was made by Saudi Government Earlier in the day. On other hand in Pakistan and India Eid Al Adha Will be celebrated on Wednesday 17th November 2010.  Pakistani Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee got together in Islamabad today where they made Announcement about it after watching  Dhu Al Hijja Moon.

More than 1.5 Million Muslims From around the Globe has already gathered in Saudi Arabia where they will be performing Hajj and Give Sacrifice of Animals on Eid day. Muslims Around the World will also be doing Sacrifices of Animals on Eid Al Adha.  On Eid People Wears New Cloths, Eats Sweet Dishes in the morning and goes to offer Eid Prayer. Kids Also Take Eidi (Money) From their Elders on this day.

Later on All those people which can afford gives Sacrifices of Animals Like Goat, Cow etc. Lot Of Meat of these Animals is Distributed among the Poor People while different dishes from this meat are made in Homes that are eaten later on. I Personally Like Shami Kabab Made by Goat's Qeema. Eid Is also Special for many Poor people because they only eat Meat once in a year on Eid Al Adha. May Allah Swt Make Eid of All the Muslims around the World Happy.
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