Tips To Do Dawah of Islam To Non Muslims

The Message of Islam is for whole Mankind and it is the same message which every Prophet Jesus, Moses, Younis, Abraham and Muhammad SAW given.  The Message of Islam is very simple and is also available in Religious Scriptures of other religions like Bible and Veda that we should Worship one God Alone and no one else and believe in Prophets that where sent by God. It is the duty of each and every Muslims to do Dawah of Islam to Non Muslims that don,t know about Islam.

If we will not do Dawah to Non Muslims we will be hold accountable for this one day of Judgement. Allah SWT has also ordered us on several places in Holy Quran to Give Dawah of Islam to Non Believes.   in Quran (16:125) Allah SWT says Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. So this Verse of Holy Quran is clearly telling us to Dawah of Islam to Non Muslims.  Following i am going some Tips to you for doing Dawah of Islam to Non Muslims. By Following these Tips you can spread message of Islam in a better way.

1 First of all we ourselves need to be a good example in front of Non Muslims in every field of life instead of just speaking good.
2 Before Doing Dawah become a Practising Muslim which follows Islam completely. Don,t Preach something that you don,t follow.
3  Next Tip is that you should Smell Good while doing Dawah.
4 Fourth Tip is that don,t try to show the person whom you are doing dawah that you are better than him.
5 Never Insult or abuse the religion of other person.
6 Instead of just claiming that your religion is right and his religion is wrong you should clear the message of Islam in front of him.
7 While doing Dawah Present the common thing present in Quran and Holy Scripture of that person. For example if you are doing Dawah to a Christian. Check the Similarities between Islam and Christianity.
8 Present the  Scientific Facts that are available in Quran in front of that person.
9 Give Gift of Copy of Quran to that person and ask him to read it. Also give gift of Book about Prophet Muhammad Saw Seerah.
10 Make Dua from Allah Swt and keep patience. its Allah SWT who gives Hidaya and your duty is just to convey the message in good manner.

So these are 10 Tips i wanted to share with you for doing the Dawah of Islam to Non Muslims. May Allah SWT helps us in conveying the message of Islam to Non Muslims.
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