Make Your Own Islamic Email Address

There are almost 1.5 Billion Internet Users online that uses the Internet Regularly and most of these people have their own Email Addresses. An Email Address is used to Send Emails to other. Email is short form of Electronic Mail.  With Your Email Address you Send Emails to Email Address of other person which reaches to his Inbox within Seconds. In a Email you can send Text Message, Pictures, Documents Etc. There are several Famous Companies like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail from where you can make a free Email Address in Minutes.  When You Make Your Email Address with Yahoo it is like this e.g  xyz@yahoo.com and when you make a Email address with Gmail it is like e.g  xyz@gmail.com.

There are Millions of Muslims Internet Users as well who are using these Email Services of Yahoo, Gmail Etc. But i have brought i a very special thing for you. Now you can  make your own free Islamic Email Address which will not contain name of above companies but Islamic words like xyz@bismillah.com.  Some of the Features that you will get with this Email Address are following. Firstly Unique Muslim Identity, secondly a very good user Experience, thirdly Address book with pictures,  Fourthly Large Space and finally Mobile Access as well. There are many other cool features that you will find while using this Service but the main thing is that you will be having a Islamic Email Address. To Get Your Own Free Islamic Email Adress Click Here.
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