Some Great Islamic Blogs

There are Millions of Blogs on Different Topics Available online that are run by different people. If you don,t know what blog is? its a kind of Diary in which people writes Posts. a Blog can be on a specific topic or on several topics as well.

There are thousands of Islamic Blogs available online as well on which Muslims writes on different Islamic related issues. This Blog on which you are now is also an Islamic Blog and it is run by me on which i keep on writing on different Islamic Topics time to time. Even a common Muslims can start his own Free Islamic Blog by simply Visiting Blogger.com and Signing Up here. Anyway now i comeback to My Topic. Following i am going to Share some of the greatest Islamic Blogs where you can find excellent Information on Islam.

1 Chill Yo Islam Yo
2 Mujahideen Ryder
Iqra Sense
4 Urdu Islamic Blog
5 An Indian Muslim
6 Islam West
7 Islam Explored

These Are Some Amazing Islamic Blogs which i also like very much. May Allah Swt help us all to spread true message of Islam through Blogs.

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