Sister In Law of Former UK PM Tony Blair Accepts Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world and thousands of people all around the World specially in US and Western Countries are accepting Islam every month. Along with Common man large number of Celebrities are also converting to Islam from different fields of life. Many Actors, Footballers, Journalists, Scientists are converting to Islam Rapidly.

The Special thing which may amaze you is that rate of Conversion to Islam has increased very much after 9/11. The More Media do Fake Propaganda against Islam the more Islam spreads because Western and Americans people gets interested in Islam after watching news about it and when they reads the Quran they admits its truthfulness. In the month of October 2010 as well thousands of People including many famous people has accepted Islam.

Just Three days ago we informed you that famous TV Producer Marlo Thomas is converted to Islam and today we have another amazing news for you that Sister In Law of Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair  Lauren Booth has converted to Islam. Tony Blair  is considered responsible for Starting Iraq War and Killing Millions of innocent Iraq Civilians by lying that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction. Blair is one of the most hated person in Muslims World in recent years.  Tony Blair's sister in law Lauren Booth who is 43 years old and a TV Journalist has accepted Islam few days ago.

After Accepting Islam Lauren Booth has left Drinking and eating pork and she has also started to offer Prayer and doing Hijab.  Till Now she has also read several Surah of Holy Quran.  Lauren Booth has said that i have left drinking Alcohol after accepting Islam while before converting to Islam it was very difficult for me to stay away from it even a single day.  She also said that i am hopeful that my Conversion to Islam will change presumptions of Tony Blair about Islam. Congratulations to Lauren Booth on coming in the religion of Peace Islam. May Allah Swt help her to follow the Islam correctly.
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