Ramadan 2015 is Starting on 18th June

all the Muslims will be really excited to know that the Ramadan 2015 is now only two month away from us as the month of Rajab has started. After Rajab and Shaban the month of Ramadan Kareem will start. it will start around 18th June which means the Eid Ul Fitr will be around 18th of July. 2015 which is celebrated on 1st of Shawwal according to Islamic calendar.

Ramadan is the most blessed islamic month in which Billions of Muslims around the globe fasts from drinking and eating from sunrise to sunset. they also try to do maximum good deeds like charity and praying and avoid bad deeds and sins. the environment completely changes. people invites each other for Iftar (Opening the fast).

In this blessed Month  revelation of Quran was also sent by Allah SWT to Prophet Muhammad Peace Be upon him. there are many virtues connected to this month. most of Muslims also pay their Zakat during this month. the doors of heaven are opened and doors of hell are closed in this month. in last days of Ramadan many people also sits for Itikaf.

I am really excited to welcome this most blessed month and I am sure all the Muslims around the globe are as well.
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